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File:Carl Michael Bellmans namnteckning.jpg|thumb|Bellman's signature '''Carl Michael Bellman''' (; 4 February 1740 – 11 February 1795) was a Sweden|Swedish poet, songwriter, composer and performer. Bellman is a central figure in the Swedish ballad tradition|Swedish song tradition and remains a powerful influence in Music of Sweden|Swedish music, as well as in Scandinavian literature, to this day. Bellman is best known for two collections of poems set to music, Fredmans sånger|Fredman's songs (''Fredmans sånger'') and Fredmans epistlar|Fredman's epistles (''Fredmans epistlar''). Each consists of about 70 songs. The general theme is drinking, but the songs "most ingeniously" combine words and music to express feelings and moods ranging from humorous to elegiac, romantic to satire|satirical. Bellman's patrons included the King, Gustav III of Sweden, who called him the...
Birth date4 February 1740
Birth placeStockholm, Sweden
Death date{{death date and age|1795|02|11|1740|02|04|df=y}}
Death placeStockholm, Sweden
Spouse| field = Poetry, Song
WorksFredmans epistlar|Fredman's epistles
PatronsKing Gustav III of Sweden|Gustav III
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